The best salt water resistance
UV stable for decades
Allows creativity
Certified and tested for all industries

Areas of application of Jetfloat elements


Working platforms for heavy machinery, pontoon bridges for trucks, aquaculture, mining, or other areas.



Platforms for swimming, hotels, marinas. Built-in pools, sports facilities and much more for an upgrade in tourism.


Stages that can be set up quickly for concerts, sports platforms, pyrotechnics, advertising spaces on the water, and more events.

Jetfloat Elements float since 1971

Quality from the market leader from Austria.

JETFLOAT® International GmbH is Austria’s and the world’s leading manufacturer of modular floating elements made of the highest quality HDPE (BASF LUPOLEN 5261 Z) producing since 1971.

JETFLOAT® International is your partner and problem solver for all areas of application for floating pontoons, right up to turnkey systems.

UV stable and weatherproof

Due to the use of the best raw material available on the market and the strictly controlled production in our Austrian plant, Jetfloat elements withstand the strongest weather and sun rays and therefore have the longest product life.


Jetfloat systems have been used and tested in the coldest countries in the world for decades. Without changing the appearance or the quality, they withstand the lowest temperatures and meet the desired requirements.

Impact resistant

Because of the material used, even heavy industrial loads, heavy machinery and long-term tourism cannot change the shape and the quality of our pontoons. Numerous tests prove the endurance of the Jetfloat systems.

Rotting-proof & food-safe

The Jetfloat elements are made of certified material Lupolen 5261 Z, which is demonstrably rot-proof and food-safe.

Salt water and acid resistant

The special HDPE formulation, compliance with the highest standards and controlled production of Jetfloat elements are a guarantee for the provenly best and thoroughly tested resistance to salt water and acid.

Jetfloat elements require little maintenance and are suitable for a wide range of flexible applications.

Uncompromisingly flexible

Quality from the market leader from Austria

Our customers use JETFLOAT pontoons for working platforms, bathing jetties, boat launching, leisure facilities or floating stages. The pontoons are also used for fish farming or photovoltaic systems.

No floating application excludes the other. Everything is compatible. Our customer never makes a wrong purchase decision regarding application or size. The JETFLOAT system can be expanded, changed, or converted into any shape at any time in 50 cm increments.

Allows creativity

Special places are created with Jetfloat

JETFLOAT® floating elements are widely used in the areas of dock facilities for events, water sports associations, marinas, bathing facilities, work platforms, fish farming.

JETFLOAT® modular systems are characterized by an attractive design, solid quality, simple self-assembly and sophisticated problem solutions.

Why Jetfloat?

  • Competence of the dealers (advice, sales, technical know-how, anchoring solutions, ready-to-use installations, supervision of the assembly);
  • Immediate delivery of the high quality JETFLOAT elements and accessories in all basic colors
  • Logistics service from the factory to the customer
  • Foreign languages: German / English / Spanish / French / Italian / Slovenian / Croatian / Serbian / Slovak as well as the mother language of the responsible dealer
  • Manufacturing and warehouse in Austria
  • Some dealers also have temporary storage for immediate availability
  • Large selection of tried and tested accessories
  • Extremely durable product systems in use since 1971
  • Many years of experience – we know what is possible and feasible and how it can be implemented
  • International exchange of experience through a large dealer network
  • JETFLOAT INTERNATIONAL stands for the highest quality