Leisure Areas


Bathing platforms

Jetfloat has been offering modular pontoons for bathing fun since 1971

Marina Atlantida 20190729


Modular docks for best quality marinas



Hotels always offer something new for their guests with Jetfloat systems

Pool platform,Pedrogão, Portugal


Safe bathing in the seas, lakes or rivers without water costs



With Jetfloat you can bring cruising tourists to the smallest never before discovered islands

Jetfloat Leisure

Jetties, marinas, aqua parks, swimming and much more

Storage for boats or jet skis, bathing, jumping, rowing and countless activities provide Jetfloat modular pontoons. Quickly built bridges or platforms that offer top quality for decades.

In many countries there are various tourism and sports objects on Jetfloat platforms. With the modular Jetfloat system, pools are built in salt and fresh water and offer infinite bathing fun for all generations.