Industrial areas

Working platforms

Heavy duty platforms for industry

Pontoon bridges

Modular bridges that can be quickly set up for all purposes


Modular walkways and platforms for fish feed

Mining, Oil & Gas

Floating platforms for the mining, Oil & Gas industry


Modular solutions for photovoltaics on the water

Other technical areas

There are endless possibilities with Jetfloat


Jetfloat makes the industry float

Tons of heavy machinery on the water? No problem with Jetfloat International. The maximum load-bearing capacity of single-layer platforms, built from elements of the JETFLOAT modular pontoon system, in the water is 350 kg / m2. The load-bearing capacity is multiplied by adding more layers.

Through decades of practical use and through the use of special additives, certified pontoons are made of the best material for the modular industry, weatherproof, frost-proof, UV-stable, impact-resistant, rot-proof, food-safe, saltwater-resistant, acid-resistant and low-maintenance.