JETFLOAT®International GmbH is Austria’s and the world’s leading producer of „modular floating elements“, made of a high-quality plastic (BASF LUPOLEN

5261 Z). JETFLOAT elements have been produced since 1971.

JETFLOAT® floating elements can be implemented in many ways as jetties for water sport organisations, marinas, bathing facilities, working platforms, fish farming facilities.

JETFLOAT® products are outstanding because of their attractive design, solid quality, easy self-assembly and clever problem solutions.

JETFLOAT® is your partner and your problem solver for all implementations of our products to the point of ready-for-use installations.

JETFLOAT®: Our own, our distributor partners’ expertise and our global exchange of experience via JETFLOAT® INTERNATIONAL make us in the short as well as the long term “THE” reliable business partner for JETFLOAT customers.


The JETFLOAT system’s convincing advantages are:

the raw material’s verifiable high quality for elements and accessories

comprehensive and time-tested range of accessories

technical assistance, anchoring proposals, complete solutions, ready-for-use installations

over 40 years’ practical experience in all sectors of implementation worldwide

Our highest goal as a successful private enterprise is to ensure our customers’ long term satisfaction.