Standard Accessories

The standard parts that make a special system

With standard accessories you can build the Jetfloat modular systems in a wide variety of shapes. With the simplest block construction you get the best flexibility.

Screw joints

Discover the many connection possibilities and fixing options

The largest choice of boat cleats, screw connections, masts, post cages …

Anchoring solutions

Floor fixing, mooring and anchoring options

Secure the Jetfloat platform to the existing ground or anchor it. High quality steel is used for the Jetfloat anchor shackle.

Fenders & side bars

The best protection for Jetfloat elements and for boats

Protective side bars in steel or polyurethane which can be easily joined to Jetfloat elements. Choose from a variety of lengths and colors.

Bathing slides and ladders

How to get on the Jetfloat platform and how to slide of it

Jetfloat ladders and slides easily attach to the Jetfloat floating system. The pleasure on the water is thus maximized.


Build your own fence on Jetfloat systems

Easy to attach guardrail posts, available in a variety of sizes and materials.


Reliable gangways made of the finest steel that provide comfortable access to the Jetfloat platform

Take a look at our gallery of various gateways and tell us which one is best for you. Each is tailor-made according to your needs.