We, JETFLOAT INTERNATIONAL GmbH, announce with pride our 40th company anniversary, which we are celebrating in 2014.

The company LPA Lizenzverwertungs- und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. was registered in the Salzburg trade register on 25.03.1974. In those days the company logo LPA appeared on our JETFLOAT elements. In 1998 we changed our company name from LPA to JETFLOAT INTERNATIONAL GmbH in order that our company name would confirm with our product name.
Since then JETFLOAT INTERNATIONAL has been embossed on our elements.

Short company history:
Mr H. Stranzinger of Salzburg developed the floating single element and in 1971 made the patent application. In 1973 the patent was granted. In 1986 the company LPA bought the patent from the inventor and thus began the successful international marketing of our JETFLOAT system. The double element was available from 1992 onwards 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our JETFLOAT distributors for the many years of trust and loyalty and the ever untiring efforts in selling the JETFLOAT systems! We have been working together effectively for almost 25 years with some of our distributors!

We would like to again express our heartfelt thanks to all our successful JETFLOAT distributors for the always good co-operation. We are convinced that the year 2014 will again be a successful one and we look forward to a continuing positive future.

The original since 40 years – competence cannot be copied!