Uncompromisingly flexible

Quality from the market leader from Austria

Our customers use JETFLOAT pontoons for working platforms, bathing jetties, boat launching, leisure facilities or floating stages. The pontoons are also used for fish farming or photovoltaic systems.

No floating application excludes the other. Everything is compatible. Our customer never makes a wrong purchase decision regarding application or size. The JETFLOAT system can be expanded, changed, or converted into any shape at any time in 50 cm increments.

As quickly as the system is set up, it can be dismantled again quickly. Even after 50 years, new JETFLOAT parts still fit your old JETFLOAT system.

Due to the durability, the JETFLOAT elements achieve a very high resale value.

Allows creativity

Special places are created with Jetfloat

JETFLOAT® floating elements are widely used in the areas of dock facilities for events, water sports associations, marinas, bathing facilities, work platforms, fish farming.

JETFLOAT® modular systems are characterized by an attractive design, solid quality, simple self-assembly and sophisticated problem solutions.