Assembly – very easy

Assembly instructions are included in every delivery and make self assembly very easy. We and our dealers may of course also offer you guidance during assembly.


The JETFLOAT floating elements are fitted together at assembly site by ensuring that the company logo “JETFLOAT” in the centre of the tread surface is always readable in one direction. Only then the connecting lugs on the corners of the elements will overlap in the right sequence. The top lug is always no. 1 then lug no. 2 followed by lug no. 3, and the bottom most lug is always no. 4. The number of raised points at the relevant corner of the tread surface is equivalent to the lug number.


Shortly before fitting together the JETFLOAT elements it is imperative that the flood openings on the side of the elements are locked tight with the flooding key.


Assembly of double elements

Parallel assembly (blocked assembly):

In the centre of 2 double elements only 2 connecting lugs meet (no. 1 & no. 4). The space in between them must be filled with a double distance disc. Where 4 double elements meet, 4 connecting lugs will always fit together.


Staggered assembly (bricked assembly):

When doing a bricked assembly, every connecting point requires a single distance disc, because only 3 connecting lugs fit together (no. 1, 2 and 4 or no. 1, 3 or 4).


Assembly with single elements

When doing this type of assembly, 4 connecting lugs will always fit together at the point of intersection and are joined with a connecting pin that is locked with a torque wrench.

Connecting JETFLOAT elements with each other

This is done with short or long (multiple layers) connecting pins that are pushed through the connecting lugs (using your foot). The locking grooves in the connecting pins are at an angle of 45° to the elements (for locking and opening). The connecting pin is locked with the torque wrench, which grips into the two locking holes and is locked with a jerked turn of 45° (1/8th turn). It does not matter whether one turns the torque wrench to the left or to the right, the connecting pin always locks firmly.


Part segments are assembled on the water to form the large installation.


Endless modular building system in length, width and height