JETFLOAT material of high grade plastic

JETFLOAT®INTERNATIONAL elements are produced of Lupolen 5261 Z, one of the toughest high-molecular polyethylenes for plastic blow forms:

Lupolen 5261 Z (BASF), high-molecular - 0,954g/cm³ (HD-PE).

The factual manufactured of the Lupolen 5261 Z material can be proven by BASELL’S (producer) current purchasing certificate.

All JETFLOAT elements and connecting pins are blow-moulded with 100% genuine Lupolen 5261 Z (no recycled material is used).

The side screw connectors and the distance discs are manufactured by injection moulding, using Lupolen 5261 Z combined with another HD-PE type.

Lupolen 5261 Z material melting flow index

Standard formula (melting flow index) of LUPOLEN 5261 Z:

MFI (190°C / 21,6kg ) = 2g / 10min



states the quantity of material (molten polyethylene) squeezed through the nozzle in 10 minutes

nozzle and cylinder heated to 190°C

weight is preset at 21,6kg

Only 2g Lupolen are squeezed through the nozzle every 10 minutes – this is proof of the extremely long molecular chain