Project guidelines

The cost of a Jetfloat solution depends on many different factors

In order to submit a meaningful cost offer for a Jetfloat system, we first have to know the exact needs of the customer. Otherwise an estimated price can deviate very quickly from the actual price.

Modular design – Due to the modular design, the pontoons can be assembled in many different ways. This has an impact on connectors and the respective accessories and thus also on the costs.

Pontoon Color – Black is cheaper than the other colors available.

Anchoring – Anchoring has a decisive influence on the Jetfloat price, since different anchors have to be used for different waters. Depending on the water body, water depth, currents, waves, etc. must be taken into account.

Please pay attention to local legal guidelines, since in many countries pontoon platforms are subject to special permits. Our dealers will be happy to advise you.

Equipment – Additional equipment such as Railings, scaffolding or outboard mounts of the pontoon solution also have an impact on the complete system price.

Accessories – corresponding accessories such as Cleats, fenders, slides, bathing ladders or corner doubles change the system price accordingly.

To get a meaningful and real price for the Jetfloat system, we recommend that you request a non-binding offer from our dealer or from us. We ask you to send us the key data for your pontoon project or to fill out our online inquiry form.

Our dealerswill be happy to advise you and help you make the decision to implement your project. You can also contact us directly by phone at +43 3182 48842.